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Welcoming the New Year

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There’s vanilla ice cream cooling down in the freezer, and a strawberry frangiapane tart letting off steam on the rack. We’re catching up with friends tonight for a celebration of New Year’s Eve 2011.  I still have to marinate my chicken for shish tawook but I need a moment to rest. Happy new year dear reader. I thought I’d get it in early before I drink too much and my speech starts t to slur 😛

The Food Blog Re-design

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The Food Blog Re-designed

As you can see, The Food Blog has been redesigned. My brother Fady, a seriously talented graphic designer who I’ve been hassling for years, has finally sorted me out with a brand spanking new look.

Do you like the new look and feel? I would love to know what you think.

Please leave a comment or send me an email letting me know your thoughts and feedback.

The Food Blog Turns 4

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Today, The Food Blog has turned 4. How cool is that? Never thought I’d make it this far. Blog years are like dog years, so The Food Blog is almost as old as I am. These past 4 years have been fantastic, and I’ve loved sharing all my stories. I hope the blog has given you a few laughs and also taught you some tricks and cool recipes. But most of all the laughs…

I’ve also really loved reading all your comments. Food bloggers live for comments, they’re the fuel to our blogging spaceship. So thank you for letting me travel this far.

The lovely Johanna Kindvall from the very unique illustrated cooking blog has baked me a digital birthday cake since my attempts were hopeless. Luckily she knows the recipe for this Swedish Princess Tårta, so my birthday cake is much prettier than I’ve ever imagined. Thanks Johanna!

Usually blogs have giveaways at milestones. I don’t have anything to giveaway, but the person who leaves the most interesting comment gets a high five. Heck, you all get a high five!

New Banner on The Food Blog

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Back in 2009, I convinced my hugely talented friend Eddie Abd to design a new banner for the blog. I have been a fan of Eddie’s work for a long time and I was so excited she said yes!. Eddie has conceptualised and realised a banner based on memories and impressions we share about food, and I am proud to use her art work on my blog. Please visit Eddie’s blog by clicking here.

So, what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

The Food Blog and Eddie Abd – An Artistic Collaboration

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I am so excited! My extremely talented friend Eddie Abd, a Sydney based Lebanese artist will be collaborating with me on designing a new banner for The Food Blog. I am a great admirer of Eddie’s unique and distinctive style. Her latest work shows a strong Lebanese and Middle-Eastern feel, which I am certain will translate beautifully to essence of The Food Blog.

Check out Eddie’s work here. The painting below is Eddie’s latest, which is still untitled.