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Wagyu Roast Beef

Yesterday I went to David Jones food court in the city for my usual look around.
I spotted the Wagyu beef roast in the meat area (around $25/kilo) and I have often thought that it would make a fine roast. The fine white fat marbling veins through the red meat beuatifully. A roast like that would be so moist and juicy.
So I took it home and had a bit of a think as to how to cook it. This being the first Wagyu roast I would cook , I thought that it should be cooked simply without much interference in order for me to get an idea of what the meat would taste like. That would help me in the future to decide on different recipes for it.

  • I rubbed the roast with a small amount of truffle oil.
  • Rubbed with plenty of salt and pepper everywhere.
  • Heated up a heavy based frying pan for 10 minutes untill pipping hot. This would help the metal keep its temperature when the colder meat is put on it.
  • Just before I put the roast on, I put a tablespoon of peanut oil in the frying pan.
  • The roast was browned on all sides. This gets pretty smoky so make sure that the house is well aired otherwise the smoke detector goes crazy
  • With the roast nice and caramelized on all sides, it was time for the oven.
  • The oven was at a relatively low temperature (140 celcius). I had a roasting rack with a tray underneath. Put some aluminium foil on the tray to make cleaning up easier.
  • Put the roast in for around 1:45 minutes ~ 2 hours depending on how well cooked you want it. Choice is rare or medium rare. OK?
  • Take it out and rest it for 10 ~15 minutes.

I sliced the roast and it had retained its moisture very well . a fair bit of juice came out, but it was apparent that it had plenty of juice left.

I tasted the endy bit to start off with (its my favourite since it has a lot of seasoning on it).

I can’t really describe the taste and texture and give it justice. It was so rich and moist. Flavours exploded onto my palate. There was a mild sweetness and earthiness that made my head spin. The texture was firm yet yielding. It was certainly the best roast I had ever had. It was actually better than any steak I have every had.

This recipe is a keeper. I don’t think I will play around with the meat much. I’ll just mess around with the side dishes :)


I’m reading an article titled “Unhappy Meals” by The Newyork Times’ Michael Pollan. In it he is discussing the move from Food to Nutrients (eg Potato Vs Carbohydrates). In it he is advising to avoid food that make health claims. I came across this really great paragraph.

“Of course it’s also a lot easier to slap a health claim on a box of sugary cereal than on a potato
or carrot, with the perverse result that the most healthful foods in the supermarket sit there
quietly in the produce section, silent as stroke victims, while a few aisles over, the Cocoa Puffs
and Lucky Charms are screaming about their newfound whole-grain goodness.”

Joanna Newsom @ The Famous Spiegeltent Sydney Festival

What a day! Woke up this morning to have a look at my Joanna Newsom concert tickets to see what time the concert is, and behold, it was yesterday! D’Oh. I had bought tickets for the 26th and its the 27th!!!! IDIOT! I called Ticketek. Tickets are sold out, but there was a kiosk in Martin Place that sold tickets for the Sydney Festival concert. So I took the car and drove down, only to find that even the extra tickets were out. I called moshtix, office closed. I went to Fish Records only to be told once more that the tickets are sold out.

But luckily idiocy is sometimes paired with stubbornness. Elaine and I went down to try to beg someone to give us tickets. The kiosk was closed so we went to The Famous Spiegeltent to see if there is anyone at the box office. Got there at 4:30 but they were due to open at 6:30. Two people were waiting for Joanna Newsom tickets too. So we waited and waited and finally, at 6:00, the box office opened, and guess what? EXTRA TICKETS ARE ON SALE!!! woohooo!! Quickly bought two tickets and stood in the queue to get in.

As we were waiting, Joanna passed by to enter the tent. What a beautiful young girl. She had an ethereal lightness that could only by described by Tolkien. She soon went into The Famous Spiegeltent. As we were waiting the sound check started. I was so happy when i heard the tune of “Sprout and the Bean” streaming out.

We were 4th in line in a queue of 350!!! So we had any seat to choose from. Obviously we went to the front row, 4th seat right of center. Joanna would be sitting right in front of us! Man was that lucky! I would have paid twice for the ticket to be sitting there. Her harp was waiting on stage, so we sneakily took a photo of it . It was a beautiful wooden harp, light in colour and engraved with simple designs.

Now to move on to the real topic. Joanna Newsom LIVE. She walked onto the stage with a glass of red wine, smiling and wearing a cute and relaxed red dress. She seemed to be very shy and quiet. She didnt talk too much during her performance, except for mentioning that she had had too much champagne when she was on a boat they day before watching the Australia Day festivities. The room thundered with clapping. It seemed that the room was full of fans, but every single one of them seemed to be different from the next. People of all ages and looks were getting ready to be amazed! And they were amazed!

The songs were in this order if i remember correctly:

  1. Bridges and Balloons
  2. Sprout and the Bean
  3. Emily
  4. This side of the blue
  5. Only Skin
  6. The book of right on
  7. Ca’ the Yowes (Scottish song)
  8. Sawdust and Diamonds
  9. Sadie
  10. Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie

So hey, she sang every single song i badly wanted to hear. She might have read my blog :)

My God what a night!!! Her voice live was even more touching and encompassing than in her albums. I wish I had recorded that concert! The way she grabbed that harp that resonated so close to her body made it sound like the music was coming out of her. I can’t get over it! I think this was the best concert Elaine and I have been to! (Followed closely by Roger Waters)

When she walked out, the tent kept on clapping and stomping their feet for around 5 minutes, hoping for her to come back for an encore. Nothing would have stopped them, except the stupid announcer saying that that was all they had for us… I’m not sure why she didnt come back out for an encore. It was either that she was too tired, or because the second act was behind time and she could not have fit in another song. In any case, I am still aching for an encore.

Next time she comes, I’m going to every single concert she is performing.

Dumbstruck with the sweetness of being

I don’t have enough time to critique “Ys”, the new album by Joanna Newsom. I don’t even know if i am even able to. It is very humbling to see such a beautiful young talent making her way along life. I have recently found myself constantly listening with Track 1 – Emily. (lyrics here:

Joanna’s words are simply heart warming. Her songs envelope you in a world far from here, invoking a natural organic existence and a layer of visible love. Her music is beautiful and her voice which at is at first odd, becomes more endearing every time you hear it. But really to me, it’s her lyrics that top it off.

The first Joanna song I heard was The Book of Right On. Such a great song. The lyrics are very light and the flow of the words is so creative, rich with beautiful alliteration and internal rhyme.

Do you want to sit at my table?
My fighting fame is fabled
And fortune finds me fit and able

Very cool! It goes on like this:
And even when you run through my mind
Something else is infront; you’re behind
And I don’t have to remind you to stick with your kind

Saturday Elaine and I went to watch a movie at Hoyts and they had this Melbourne add playing to “Sprout and the Bean”. I remember watching this Metallica documentary talking about when Metallica went mainstream, the kids who were listening to Metallica in the underground were gutted when their little sisters were running around shouting “Sad but True!!!!!”. Well, I couldnt help but feel the same when i heard Joanna. I don’t think though it is because it went mainstream, but more because was not really appropriate for the ad, and because they had edited out the gutsy chorus which is the best part!!! Argh!

Anyway, I’m very excited because Elaine and I are going to see her on the 27th of January. I’m hoping she would sing all of Ys plus a minimum

-The book of right on


-The Sprout and the Bean

It’s going to be good!

Snapper Pie

INGREDIENTS* 800g of pink snapper fillet (or blue eye cod)* 4 dessertspoons white truffle oil* 1kg puff pastrySoubaise sauce* 1.2kg sliced onions* 1 tspn olive oil* 400ml fish stock (homemade is best)* 800ml cream* 300g diced onion
WHAT TO DO Soubise sauce: Sweat onions with olive oil and a little salt. Cook until the onions take on a very light brown colour, cool, then add fish stock and reduce by half. Add cream, and recude by half or until a thick cream consistency is reached. Remove from heat. To cook: In a separate pan, sweat the diced onion in a little olive oil. Meanwhile, blend the onion cream mixture, then add the cooked diced onion and adjust the seasoning. To assemble, roll pastry 1/2cm thick and cut into four ovals which are 3cm wider than the pie dishes. In each pie dish, spoon about two tablespoons of soubise sauce. Lay 200g of snapper on the sauce, cover with another tablespoon of sauce and a dessertspoon of truffle oil, then lay puff pastry lid and press down the sides. Make cool shapes and designs on the top of the pie with the left over pastry. Glaze with egg wash. Cook pies for 25 minutes at 260C. Rest for a few minutes before serving. Serve with mashed potatoes and smoked tomatoes. Serves 8.

Lemon Curd Recipe

This recipe was lost to me for a while. It used to come on top of google for lemon curd, but now it has been replaced by less pure recipes. Bastards! I tasted this for the first time from Simon Johnson’s in Pyrmont, from HRH duchy original organic line of excellent stuff! The internet provided an excellent recipe for it…. aghhhh… Lemon Curd. So goooood…

Luckily, though the recipe was lost, I was able to find it again, and here it will stay forever in my blog.

Mrs Munslow’s Lemon curd ©

The Munslow family of Hallow, Worcestershire.

My mum’s lemon curd (makes 1 pound)

  1. Finely grated rind and juice of 2 large lemons; 2 large eggs; sugar 170 to 200 g(depending on how sweet you like it); butter 120g.
  2. Beat the eggs thoroughly.
  3. Place sugar, butter, lemon rind and half of the lemon juice into a bain marie.
  4. Stir slowly till everything is dissolved.
  5. Add the beaten eggs and remaining lemon juice.
  6. Heat gently, stirring frequently until it will coat the back of a spoon (thick cream consistency).
  7. Pour into heated jars/ use within six weeks. Use like jam (sandwiches or in tarts).
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