Wild Green Paleo Pie – Foraging the wilderness for food

Did you know how easy it is to forage for wild greens near where you live? Watch my foraging video to see how much I was able to gather in less than 30 minutes. The video shows you a method that is very popular in the Mediterranean for cooking wild herbs & greens. These bitter herbs benefit greatly from braising in olive oil. The fat soluble nutrients can then be absorbed by our digestive tract and with the increased bio-availability, you get all the benefits without having to force yourself to eat a challenging salad of rough wild greens. Also, I used the braised greens to make a pan-fried wild herb Paleo pie. The recipe for the pie will be found in my upcoming cookbook, Quirkier Cooking (early 2017).



  • Hello Fouad thanks for the video! Just wondering if you could give us a list of the names of the wild herbs you find and if possible their benefits. I have plenty of weeds in my backyard it would be good if I could get some use out of them! Just want to be sure before I get stuck into them though! I know I have pigweed and have been using that. I’ve been a bit slack since having my baby and the garden is overrun by weeds. It would be good if I could show my hubby your video and say “Yeah thats what I’ve been doing with our garden”.

  • Hey Helen. I found some purslane, dandelion leaves, wild parsley, wild lettuce. Plenty of resources around in terms of benefits. For instance, wild lettuce is rich in fiber and contains a natural pain killer. The bitterness that you can taste in wild plants also has a protective ability to reduce oxidative stress.

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