Wagyu Roast Beef

Yesterday I went to David Jones food court in the city for my usual look around.
I spotted the Wagyu beef roast in the meat area (around $25/kilo) and I have often thought that it would make a fine roast. The fine white fat marbling veins through the red meat beuatifully. A roast like that would be so moist and juicy.
So I took it home and had a bit of a think as to how to cook it. This being the first Wagyu roast I would cook , I thought that it should be cooked simply without much interference in order for me to get an idea of what the meat would taste like. That would help me in the future to decide on different recipes for it.

  • I rubbed the roast with a small amount of truffle oil.
  • Rubbed with plenty of salt and pepper everywhere.
  • Heated up a heavy based frying pan for 10 minutes untill pipping hot. This would help the metal keep its temperature when the colder meat is put on it.
  • Just before I put the roast on, I put a tablespoon of peanut oil in the frying pan.
  • The roast was browned on all sides. This gets pretty smoky so make sure that the house is well aired otherwise the smoke detector goes crazy
  • With the roast nice and caramelized on all sides, it was time for the oven.
  • The oven was at a relatively low temperature (140 celcius). I had a roasting rack with a tray underneath. Put some aluminium foil on the tray to make cleaning up easier.
  • Put the roast in for around 1:45 minutes ~ 2 hours depending on how well cooked you want it. Choice is rare or medium rare. OK?
  • Take it out and rest it for 10 ~15 minutes.

I sliced the roast and it had retained its moisture very well . a fair bit of juice came out, but it was apparent that it had plenty of juice left.

I tasted the endy bit to start off with (its my favourite since it has a lot of seasoning on it).

I can’t really describe the taste and texture and give it justice. It was so rich and moist. Flavours exploded onto my palate. There was a mild sweetness and earthiness that made my head spin. The texture was firm yet yielding. It was certainly the best roast I had ever had. It was actually better than any steak I have every had.

This recipe is a keeper. I don’t think I will play around with the meat much. I’ll just mess around with the side dishes 🙂


  • I just bought the same Roast from DJ’s.
    I”ll be sure to follow the directions!

  • I just bought the same 1 kilo roast wagyu from david jones, it is so good that I sliced it up and simply fried each steak on a frypan on the stove. I paid $15 for the kilo. Very good value because I got 5 steaks.

  • Nice beef!
    The thing about wagyu, the meat from Tajima f-1 angus crosses is the marbling and the TYPE of fat it contains, it is only improved when cooked past rare to medium .
    Don’t get me wrong, I like blue/rare filets but this is not the same as wagyu.
    In Japan it is sliced extremely thin and dipped in hot water to cook, or grilled over charcoal to render those delicious fats.
    Try it!

  • Reading back my comment seems to indicate ‘medium’…but that is my poor communication skills.
    Don’t cook it to medium, but medium rare is my recommendation.If using a thermometer, I pull it out at 130f and foil to rest. it will hit 145F.
    Bon appetite!

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