Sydney Secret Dinners

UPDATE: Check out the blog entry from the secret dinner that took place on the 25th of July 2009. Click here


Join my Sydney secret dinner party! Saturday the 25th of July. Location? Somewhere in Sydney.

Have you heard about secret dinners? Do you know what they are about? Have you been to one? Do you want to come to mine? Of course you do.

Secret dinners are a cool concept. A diverse group of people, most do not know each other, sign up to be part of a secret dinner. The date is set, but the place is unknown. Some take place in the great outdoors, some in a city car park or a rooftop, others in private homes. One day before the event, the location is disclosed, and the diners find their way to the dinner site. Diners pay for the produce, provide assistance if required, have a good time and then help clean up.

Myself and a bunch of talented foodies are throwing a secret dinner on Saturday the 25th of July, somewhere in the Sydney area..

Theme: Five courses of beautifully inspired dishes from the Lebanon and the Meditarranean
Produce: Top quality, seasonal produce from local farmers and growers (Thirlmere Poultry, Highlands Heritage Pork, Willowbrae Goat’s Cheese, Eumundi Smokehouse smoked goods, etc…)
How many: 30 people
Spots available: 0 left
How much: $45 to $50, depending on how much it costs for produce and venue. You will not be paying me for the dinner, but rather contributing to the cost of your meal. You will just be reimbursing me for the costs I incur.
Why so much: It’s more than reasonable for a 6 course meal, and we are paying top dollar for the best produce, no expense is spared. This is not for profit, all the money goes on produce, so if we have the cash, we’ll get some caviar and truffles, why not?
Wine: You’ll have to bring your own, as we don’t have a licence to serve, and don’t want to be responsible for you.
Location: Big Secret, but either inner city or inner west.
Who: Obviously me, my foodie friends, and whoever passes the test by sending an interesting registration email. Spots are dwindling so be quick.
Responsibility: We will be using top quality produce and following proper food handling practices, but you are responsible for yourself. No liability falls on me or my friends. I’m sure you understand.

Register your interest today. Send an email to secretdinners(at) Groups of 3 or less accepted, to allow for socialisation. Obviously, replace (at) with @

What are you waiting for? Be brave 🙂


  • Noooo!!! That was the night I was going to have a special cocktail party for my birthday which I was going to tell you about once the invites were done.

    Otherwise I would have loved to help you cook. Can you change the date, maybe the week earlier?

  • I wish I could come but a) no spots left and b) am in QLD!! Have an awesome time and make sure you take some pics to post after the event!

  • Hello Marziplanner!

    I'm actually in Lebanon in August for my brother's wedding, and I'll be documenting the whole menu for a blog post specifically on that 🙂 There is around 25 dishes all in all. Mind boggling…

  • sounds very cool. are you the chef or is the restaurant providing the chef/kitchen etc? hope it goes well.

  • Hey Simon

    It's getting near the event now, and I'm very excited. I'm cooking 2 of the dishes, and I have a few friends helping out with the others.
    Trish from and Lili from, plus one of my favourite Sydney chefs will be cooking a dish. More details and lots of photos after the event!

  • I’m loving Secret dinners at the moment. I’ve been to the Secret Supper Society and Secret Foodies so far. But I’m always on the lookout for more Secret Food events to review on my blog!

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