Lindt Cafe’s Macarons et la Vie en Rose

lindt cafe macarons

I feel robbed and cheated. But at the same time, I feel extremely thankful for being alive. I feel cheated for not having known about these super creation prior to 2007. I feel robbed of 27 years spent without experiencing the yielding crunch, the chewy sweetness, the buttery creaminess, the explosion of aromas and the complete satisfaction.

Macarons came to my life in 2007, when building management sent 6 dozen Lindt Cafe macarons to my office floor as a form of apology for the dodgy lifts. See why I’m glad to be alive? I happened to be in the kitchen when they were delivered, and I wasn’t sure if they were for us to try or what… I went back to my desk and thought, if they were for us, the office assistant would send out an email and let us know. I waited. 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 3 minutes 30 seconds, 31 seconds. Damn it. No email. Sneak back into the kitchen, look over your shoulders, grab one as quickly as you can and shove it in your mouth! OH MY GOD! And thus the love affair started.

lindt cafe blackcurrant macaron and passionfruit macaron

Lucky for me, they did turn out to be for us, and I would probably have had around 10 of them that day, within the space of one hour, and I must have tried every flavour. The one that stuck with me the most was without doubt, the passionfruit and chocolate. And that is the one I order without fail at the Martin Place Lindt Cafe, the maker of these sweet delights. For some extra indulgence, a dark chocolate mocha doesn’t go down too badly there either. Lindt’s mocha is pure richness, so only try it when you want to spoil yourself. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve recently tried Adriano Zumbo’s salted caramel macaron and that it was a good version, but my favourite remains the passionfruit and chocolate. Have you tried it? If not, stop putting your life on hold!

lindt cafe mocha

Lindt Cafe Martin Place
Level 1, 53 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 8257 1600


  • i love lindt cafe, and you're right, their macaroons are awesome! To bad I live in melbourne. I heard that they are opening one in melbourne, so cant wait for that!

  • the shop has opened in melbourne on collins st – yummy – next door to the Tiffany store

  • i love their vanilla macaron, only because there is this ice-cream texture to it and brings me back to childhood. Now that lindt is available in Collins st, im sure you are stoked and is a loyal customer! im selling my own macarons early October in QV so do check it out at Cupcake Family next to max brenner. When u go to Paris, try Pierre Herme passionfruit chocolate, called Mogador, he is the original createur of the flavour combination! anyway do come and visit Cupcake Family! xoxo Lady Macaron

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