The Silence of Travel

Dinner Time at the Hartmann’s

I’ve packed my bags and left to Nurnberg, Germany. My brother is getting married, and I’ve come to take part of it all. I’m not sure I want to spend much time behind my laptop, with all the fun stuff going around, so my posts will most probably be brief. But, I feel a few photos are in order.

eine normale bretzel bitte


  • Hi,

    I am ridiculously impressed by your blog. The pictures are beautiful, the reviews are detailed and I can really see your appreciation for food.

    Have you seen Time Out magazine's 'Sydney Food Awards'? It was just published this month… you can see it online at

    What do you think of their listings?? Do you agree with them? What would you add or change?

    Hope to see your comments soon!

  • Hi Mary

    Thanks for your kind comment. I've had a brief look at the link. I don't feel I am qualified tell you what the BEST restaurants are. That would be like comparing apples and pears, and it would also be untruthful, because I have not dined at every high end restaurant in town. I can tell you for instance, that, yes, Bentley has an amazing set price menu, and that Plan B's burger is tasty, and well thought out, but I can't say that Oscillate Wildly's set menu is better than Bentley's or that Rockpool Bar and Grill has the final say on burgers. I find food to be a very personal experience, and sometimes it takes a fair bit of knowledge to appreciate the construction of a high end dish. People unfamiliar with steak tartare would not fully appreciate Bentley's version, and if you don't think hard enough, you will not understand Bodega's banana split. I don't think Time Out is incorrect in their listings, but I also like the points system of the Good Food Guide (maybe I'm biased). Let's see what the 2010 guide brings. In the mean time, stay in touch 🙂

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