The Honest Award – 10 Honest Things About Me

Viviane from The Taste Budz has kindly awarded me The Honest Award. The rules of the award state that we need to list ten honest things about ourselves and then pass the award on to ten other deserving bloggers. Most bloggers I know have already been given this award, so I’ll just stick with listing 10 honest things about myself.

1- I am at a quite advanced stage of hair loss, and though it suits me more than a full head of hair, I am still considering Rogaine

2- Even though I mock and ridicule Lebanese people who think the way to riches (outside of Lebanon) is opening a manakish bakery, I do think it just might work

3- I believe, with no apparent shred of proof, that I am spearheading an avant-garde movement in modern Lebanese cuisine

4- I am insanely in love with my wife Lainy and her 18 week old pregnant belly

5- I’m 29 years old, have studied English Literature at uni, followed by Software Engineering and work as an IT Manager/ Sofware Architect. My programming code always rhymes.

6- I believe food is the ultimate art form as it is the only one that appeals to all our senses simultaneously

7- My version of heaven is a perpetual foraging expedition in Bamberg

8- My star sign tells me that I don’t believe in astrology

9- My ultimate dream is to travel the Levant and write a book about the journey and the food

10- I can’t swallow cucumbers or tomatoes on their own. They must be accompanied with bread, cheese or at least olive oil.


  • Great to learn about you and hope you get a beautiful and healthy baby in due time. And I sooooo agree about food appealing to all the senses! Always believed it, great to find someone who shares the point of view!

  • Yaya! Cheers. I'm pretty stoked

    Viviane, thanks! And great to know you share my opinion!

  • Congratulations on the happy news! Did you check the astrological sign of the new baby?
    What you say about your code rhyming made me think of my son who has mentioned to me how code is "poetic" and I could not get it; I am beginning to see there may be truth to his words.

  • Thanks Joumana. The baby will probably be a cancer I guess. Was just joking about code that rhymes, but yes, a well-written piece of code brings you closer to God. Bit nerdy, I know.

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