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Talk about serendipity. Do you remember the pumpkin kibbe post? The one a couple of posts down? My friend Eddie was invited to join the feast and her husband Ludwig ate most of the pumpkin kibbe. Two days later, Robbie Buck is talking pumpkins and pumpkin recipes on 702 ABC. So Eddie calls up and talks about my pumpkin kibbe. Being the amazing person that she is, Eddie manages to get Robbie and his lovely producer Susan to have a look at my blog, which all would agree is a wonderful thing. And yesterday, I ended up in the ABC studios at 9 pm for my 15 minutes of fame. It happened to be Robbie’s birthday and I showed up with some Lebanese sweets to share around. We talked about how I got started in food, my background in Lebanon, Lebanese sweets, food and tradition and about my recent chestnut foraging. I also gave Robbie a recipe that gives away the secret to a perfect baba gannoush. I have to admit I was nervous at first, but Robbie is such a great guy, and an experienced interviewer that I was at ease after 5 seconds of talking to him. He lead the conversation, asking loads of questions, each of which I could have spent hours talking about. Have a listen to the interview and tell me if you heard it live, and what you thought of my radio personna. Do I sound anything like Frasier?

Click here to listen: The Food Blog Interview on Evenings with Robbie Buck


  • What a fab interview – you’re a natural! lol. I am insanely jealous of the bounty of treats you brought to the studio. I found all your food descriptions so mouth-watering. Well done you. Next stop, TV! 🙂

  • Great work, what a nice interview! Love to hear about your childhood stories in Lebanon and amazed how food was treated with no refrigeration. I guess that’s how some recipes are developed becuz of the different conditions and factors.

    I have two big eggplants in the fridge, baba ganouj here i come! LOL

  • Hehehe. Thanks for listening Helen. TV indeed. I freaked out just thinking it’s radio, I’d probably freeze on screen LOL.
    Let me know if you want to tag along next time I go hunting for Lebanese sweets.

  • Thanks Billy. And isn’t it crazy to think that all that food needed to be preserved. Mom did a great job of it. But you’re right, we wouldn’t have the likes of pickles or confit if it weren’t for the need to preserve food.
    Seriously though, let me know if you try that recipe and if you like it. I think it makes the best tasting baba gannoush.

  • Oh Fouad, SO lovely to hear your voice! You came across as being knowledgeable and passionate without any wankery. Congrats! Plus, I want to make baba gannoush now! I think it is wonderful that you got this opportunity, 15 minutes is a long time. You were great!
    (Plus, good on you Eddie for making that happen!)

  • Hey Lili

    I forgot my wankeriness in the car. Damn it. hehehehe
    I’m quite chuffed with 15 minutes, plus Robbie said he’d like to have me come around every once in a while, so that’s pretty cool…

    Isn’t Eddie a champion!

  • It was so fun listening to you on that radio show promoting our food in such an easy-going natural style! Loved it and no I did not think you sounded like Frasier; Frasier is a pompous ass, I think.
    Great job!

  • I remember this interview so clearly. Have been looking for the interview ever since, hoping to learn more about real middle eastern food.I liked your calm and friendly attitude.
    I would happily listen to a regular segment and now will learn so much from your blog.
    Thanks Fouad !

  • Hi lluisa. Sorry about the late reply. I am so glad the interview left such a good impression. If you have any strings to pull to get me a regular segment, now’s the time hehehe

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