The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

I have a love hate relationship with Sydney. I often consider the series of events that lead me to live in the city that is possibly the furthest away from Lebanon; a city where I don’t know my neighbours; a city where it seems that all I do is work; a city where you are fighting astronomical odds to have a chance encounter with an old friend. To a visitor, after seeing the Opera House and The Harbour Bridge, one is left to ponder what to do next. There is little excitement about being here. Let’s face it. Sydney can be boring. That’s why many restaurants in the CBD do not operate on weekends. No one wants to be here unless it’s for work. But every once in a while, Sydney throws a day like this at you: sunny, warm, clear and invigorating. Yesterday was one of these days (and today is even better), and on those days, I LOVE Sydney. I took a lunch time stroll to the Royal Botanical Gardens and happy snapped away. This is my first real outing with my new camera and I’ve never taken nature and wildlife photos before. What do you think of my photographic prowess?













  • Sometime I wish Australia would catch up with the pace of the rest of the world but there are some things that I like about Sydney just the way they are =) The longer I’m here, the more I feel connected to it and, mostly, the people around me.

  • Beautiful photos! I love Sydney especially when the weather is gorgeous like today 🙂 You’ve got me inspired to go out and take photos of something other than food hehe

  • Gorgeous photos! Whenever I’m away from Sydney in some beautiful place I’ll wish I lived away from Sydney – but all it takes are a couple of iconic scenes, like seeing Sydney in the distance when we drive back to Sydney or flying over the western suburbs on the way to the airport to remind me how much I love this town. Especially lovely on a day like this!

  • Wow… those are really stunning photos… seems like you are very handy with a camera as well as in the kitchen 🙂 great job. Sydney is really beautiful, I went there once, so I understand the appeal 🙂 and I am in the UAE now so it’s nice to see photos of {naturally occurring} trees & plants e.t.c. 😀

  • You have made the Gardens another must visit on the list for our travellers, I’ve never seen them looking so good! But you’re right, Sydney being so diversified, all the action at night is somewhere else if you know where to look, the CBD is pretty dead and that is just a waste.

  • Wow! These photos are beautiful and look like an art photographer took them; they really tug at my heart strings, show so much sensitivity, I am so impressed.

  • I like the ducks! They take me back to Lake Como. It’s always fun playing with a new camera. What equipment are you using? We all want to know!

    Now imagine if Australia was located somewhere near Europe… 🙂

  • Hi guys. Thanks for all your comments! And for not criticizing me for having a non-foodie post hehehe. Just a quick reply for those wondering what I use as equipment. I have a Nikon D-90. Most of the close up shots were taken with the nikkor 35mm f1.8 and the distance shots were with the normal 18-55mm vr lens. I like the 35mm more than the 50mm f1.8 which I also own because I like the wider field of vision, but they both give some stunning photos. I bought my camera from

    I love my d-90 but Nikon is now releasing a new camera, the D3100 which takes full HD movies and has autofocus during movie mode too, which the d-90 doesnt have. It’s worth waiting and seeing how the D3100 compares in price and features.

    My next camera will be a full frame Nikon, but I have to wait 3 or 4 years to save up for it.


  • This is a beautiful post. I have the same love/hate relationship with Sydney, but your photos capture the essence of what I love about it! Great pics, the tulips especially. I also love the graffiti on the bamboo… imagine the stories it could tell! 🙂

  • Thanks Viviane. It’s the eye of the tiger 😛

    Hey felixexplody. thanks for your lovely comment. those bamboo trees (trees?) are awesome. there’s much more than what the frame could hold.

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