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Well, it took me a few years, right? The Food Blog now has a Facebook fan page. I will be posting some cool facts, links and thoughts on food that otherwise would not make it to the blog, You can also use the Facebook page to ask me questions or inquire about recipes. If you love the stuff I dish out and want to stay in touch on Facebook, use that left click mouse button and LIKE! While you’re at it, subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter.


  • great tip..but to have a truly successful, authentic hummos bi tahineh..the skins must be removed from the chickpeas.after the soaking by plunging in water and rubbing off skins, others place soaked peas on towel and run rolling pin over to loosen skins,then plunge in water to remove them, they will float to top.. or after cooking by peeling…this was done by the traditional, quality hummos makes in the levant makes a much creamier,dense, more intense ,much easier to digest dish..the same should be done for making falafel..once u do this you will never go back to unpeeled chickpeas.. and its gets easier with practice

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