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Massive Health - Carbs Are Killing You

I like Dr Mercola. Despite him pushing products, I find his advice generally well considered. “Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?” is the name of his latest blog entry. It’s a must read. But for those of you who are more visual, or want the abridged version, the above infographic from Massive Health that tells it like it is.


  • It’s more of a fallacy. Yes refined carbs in large amounts can increase insulin resistance and fat deposition. no arguing there, but fat in large amounts leads to fat accumulation as well, just in a different mechanism. So BOTH large amounts of refined carbs and fat can lead to fat deposition as well as insulin resistance.

    It is quite right to say that carbs make us fat in large amounts but very wrong to dismiss fat. Both are nutritious is the needed amounts for your body, their different forms (refined vs whole/saturated vs unsaturated) + their amounts are what affect fat deposition and risks/development for chronic illnesses.

  • I second “paty”, carbs especially sugar should be labeled as toxic!!! but that doesn’t mean bacon is ok

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