Easy Braised Pork Ribs Recipe

There is hardly a cut of pork that suits this style of cooking as well as ribs do. Within 2 hours of cooking, what starts off as tough pork ribs boiling away in a thin soup ends up being a brilliantly tender braise with a thick, sweet sauce. Really, with soy, mirin (sweet cooking sake), garlic and ginger, you can’t go wrong. Start off by browning 1.5 kilos of pork ribs in a heavy cast iron pot. I used leftover lard for the browning and browned the meat in 2 batches. Tip off any rendered fat, add 100 ml of soy sauce (I used gluten-free tamari), 100 ml of mirin, 400ml pork of beef stock, 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic, 5 star anise (optional) and 2 tablespoons of grated ginger. Bring to the boil and then turn down to a gentle simmer and cover for 2.5 hours. You are looking for the pork to be falling from the bone and for the sauce to have thickened. If the pork is still not tender enough and the sauce already looks too thick, add a little water and cook covered until the pork is done. If the opposite happens and the pork is already done while the sauce is too thin, uncover the pot and take the heat up, stirring often until the sauce thickens. Stir the pork to glaze it with the sauce. I ate this dish as is, with no accompaniment, since I rarely eat grains; but for those of you who do, rice would go perfectly well.


  • Great recipe. This is very similar to a dish my Thai wife makes……sometimes extremely sweet from using Palm sugar.

    We’ll have to give this one a try. Thanks!

  • Hi Fouad,
    I love the unctuous quality of recipes like this and of course your great photo.
    It reminded me of a barbecue dish I used to make when I lived in America.
    I’d take a raw 2-3kg piece of brisket of beef and smoke it and seal it on my charcoal grill. I would the place it is a heavy cast iron casserole together with carrots, onions and celery. I’d add bottle (or two) of my favorite barbecue sauce and then thin it down with equal amounts of water. I’d then cook it slowly in the oven until the sauce had basically reduced back down to it’s sauce consistancy, by which time the beef is braised and very tender.
    I serve thinly sliced in fresh crusty bread with bbq sauce on the side to dip into.

  • recipe for the best ribs:1. get baby back ribs2. apply rub- salt, pepper, gialrc, cayanne, onion salt, etc. (be liberal with rub)3. rap in tin foil4. bake at 250 degrees for two hours in oven5. take ribs out of tin foil and place on CHARCOAL grill.6 apply barbecue sauce and flip, apply bbq sauce and flip, Constantly flip7. grill for 5-10 minutes.8. EAT THE BEST RIBS U EVER HAD

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