How to get the best out of your sauerkraut

Some fantastic news for those of you who are fans of sauerkraut: my experiment with vacuum bag sauerkraut was a success! Forget all about those recipes that call for jars and sauerkraut pressing. Vacuum bag sauerkraut is a set and forget method: shred some cabbage, salt it, put it in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal it. Two or three weeks later, and the kraut is made! And once you do make it, there’s no turning back to store-bought sauerkraut. Let me know if you decide to make sauerkraut and how it turned out.

For many, the flavour of sauerkraut is a bit too much like vinegar and is off-putting. I happen to like vinegar and therefore sauerkraut, but I also like a bit of variety, so I’ve come up with a recipe to turn my sauerkraut into a delicious salad. Drain some sauerkraut and dress it with olive oil, a few drops of sesame seed oil and sprinkle it with isot pepper (or any chili you like) and sesame seeds. This sauerkraut salad is the bomb. I like eating it on its own but it goes brilliantly with roasted meats.


  • Hi
    As I have a vac sealer I will give this a try as I love sauerkraut. What ratio cabbage to salt did you use?

  • Hey Fouad, thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been meaning to make sauerkraut for ages..

    taking your advice i’ve just vacuumed a bag of cabbage and salt (2% by weight) and wanted to check a couple of things:

    – did you leave the bag at room temp?

    – is it a problem if little bits of cabbage are stuck to the walls of the bag above the main cabbage/brine mix?


  • Hey Adam. Yes, room temperature and there’s no problem with the cabbage not being fully immersed. You will be able to move things around in a couple of days when the cabbage softens, but I only did that once or twice and the cabbage fermented without being completely in liquid.

  • Hey Vicki

    I used around 1.5 to 2 tablespoons with a medium sized head of cabbage. Let me know how it turns out.

  • Update – about half way in, and we’re looking like sauerkraut… had a taste, and it’s definitely on its way, but not really sour enough yet.

    Unfortunately the bag sprung a leak.

    The bag lost its vacuum long ago – and I think the gas given off from the fermentation caused a hole 🙁
    Luckily I had it sitting in a bowl so I’ve re-bagged everything in a new vacuum bag.

    Given this experience, it seems you may be just as successful with ziplock bags…

  • I just opened and sampled some kohlrabi kraut made in a vacuum bag. It was very good at 2 wks of age but not as crunchy as I would like. Maybe I should grate it coarser. I cannot seal the bag again there is too much liquid. I’m going to try a new batch (I use whey and a little salt) and leave it longer. I’m wondering how long it will stay preserved in the bag?

  • Hallo, habe wieder einmal Sauerkraut eingemacht.
    Frage; kann mann Sauerkraut nach der Vergärung abpacken und roh vaccumieren und wie lange ist es gekühlt haltbar.

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