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Below is an article about me and my labna/labneh making that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living last Tuesday, written by the lovely Carli Ratcliff. If you haven’t made your own labna, you must start now. It’s so easy, there’s really no excuse. A nifty trick I recently learned from my good friend Lili from Pikelet and Pie, which was subsequently verified by the wonderful Charlotte from How to Shuck an Oyster, is to incubate the mixture in a thermos. That way, the temperature is always steady and the yoghurt will be a guaranteed success. Of course you can use store-bought yoghurt to make your labna, but making your own is much more fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to father/mother billions of probiotic bacteria? You can read my previous labna post here, and my post on yoghurt here.



  • I totally agree with keeping family traditions, recipes and language alive. I also make my own yoghurt. It is easy and much cheaper than store bought. I also make my own bread which also is so easy and much cheaper (and might I add tastier). I always enjoy your posts. 🙂

  • I take it you’re still doing dairy… have you tried going off it? Also, have you tried using raw milk for your labna?

  • Thanks for the comment Corrie.Yes, I used to make my own bread too, but have since stopped eating grains. I do miss it 🙂

  • funny you ask Gaby, I actually stopped eating dairy around 10 days ago. Trying to see if it will help me breath better. no change so far… how about you? are you off dairy?

  • Yeah, I’m off dairy (except for pastured butter & ghee), it did work for my respiratory system like a charm but it may take some time. Every once in a while I have a bit of dairy and get all stuffy afterwards. Goat’s milk & cheese are definitely better than cow’s for me.

  • I love the idea of tradition and culture being so carefully nurtured in this modern world. Sometimes things take longer and that makes them all the more special, especially when sharing it with your loved ones.

  • Thanks for the comment Nicole. Totally agree. We’ve seem to have forgotten that we can take pleasure in the journey.

  • I believe it’s very important to pass family traditions and culture alive! Wish you all the best Fouad.

  • I have gotten my muslin and we even made yogurt once but I still have not made any Labneh since I moved to Cali. We can find it in some stores here but it is not the same. I suppose I should get my act together and make it. I like the idea of the thermos, we mostly are reluctant to make the yogurt because we cannot keep the temperature, and the one time we did we had to heat up the oven, wait for it to cool a little then place the milk mixture in, to give it the right temperature overnight. I guess a thermos can be easily acquired and is way better to keep things in check. My mom uses a terracotta pot that keeps the warmth awesomely. I would love one of those!

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